Supplier of customizable duvets in various fillings, materials, and sizes. Supplies wholesale markets and retail franchise in Europe.

We dedicated our work for providing duvets that can transform your sleeping
experience. Investing in one can let you get some cozy sleep after a tiring day.

All Season Duvet

Two duvets, one 150g/m2, the other 300g/m2, connected with plastic studs, turning into a duvet suitable for all seasons.


The face of the duvet is made out of 100% Polyester Microfiber, and the filling is with 1100 gr polyester recycled fibers.


This summer duvet is made out of 100% Microfiber, and the filling is 100% Polyester great for the summer period.

Lunna - Cotton Duvet

The quilt cover is made of 100% natural material – cotton fabric. The high quality materials from which this cotton quilt is made guarantee a long life of the product.


The comfort quilt is an ideal quilt for the spring and autumn period of the year. The comfortable quilt is made of microfiber and is filled with polyester fibers.


The Carbon quilt is a unique and innovative solution for the most pleasant nights, which is a combination of comfort and practicality with top technology.

Dual Color

An ideal quilt that keeps your body warm in spring and autumn.


The urban quilt is made of a combination of cotton and polyester, a blend of natural and synthetic material.


Introducing our summer quilt made of 100% cotton, specially designed for your loved ones for a comfortable and peaceful sleep during warm nights.