Based on our research and dedicated work through the years we produce pillows that are
comforting and supporting for the neck, body and legs.

Our company has produced numerous kinds from the softest to the hardest pillows
depending on the clients needs and desires.


Special inner foam block snaped in a way to aid and correct neck position while sleeping. Especially suitable for back sleepers.


The Cumulus pillow is a luxurious, richly filled, double-sided pillow. The pillow has two chambers with different types of filling, resulting in two different sides of the pillow for a different feeling of comfort.

Feather pillow

Experience the quality of a long-lasting feather pillow again. A tradition that has been proven and still holds the top.

Aloe Vera

Looking for higher support for your neck and head while you sleep, while also wanting a luxurious look to your pillow? – We have a great suggestion for you, it is our Aloe Vera pillow.



One side is made of HR foam, with a rougher pad, while the other side is made of memory foam with a softer pad.


The first part with 250 grams of polyester fiber.

The second and third part with latex that allows air flow and circulation. The fourth part with 400 grams of polyester fibers.

100% high quality cotton cover.


The cover from which the pillow is made is high quality cotton, which provides a feeling of gentle touch.

The filling of the cotton pillow is made of silicone polyester ball fibers.


Box pillow allows a feeling of softness and comfort with 100% cotton exterior.

Filled with polyester fiber that offers you sleeping comfort.


Its cover is made of polyester woven fibers which gives it more volume and greater softness and comfort of the pillow itself.

Green Tea

Green Tea pillow treated with green tea extract.

The pillow is filled with silicone polyester ball fibers.

Memory Gel

Memory Gel Pillow is made up of high density memory foam and Cooling Gel block in the middle of the pillow.

He & She

The cover is made of 100% polyester woven fibers which gives more volume and greater softness to the pillow itself.


The pillow is made of a mixture from long blended cotton and polyester fibers for a perfect balance of softness and strength.


The material has carbon fibers that reduce electricity and offer more relaxed sleep, while protecting you from unpleasant odors and dust.


Memory foam allows the pillow to adjust to a perfect shape that will fit best for a good night’s sleep.

Pregnancy Pillow

During pregnancy, the pillow helps in sleep and gives support to the back, abdomen and legs.