Elderly people home Kiro Krsteski Platnik

donations retirement center

Another event in the series of socially responsible events was successfully realized, on the occasion of the “10 years jubilee of Comfy Angel”.

In our partnership relations with the City Library “Borka Taleski” from Prilep, one part of the employees of “Comfy Angel”  and the employees of the Library made donations to the residents of the Retirement Center “Kiro Krsteski Platnik”.

Pillows and books were donated along with the reading of several stories and poetry written by our eminent writer Blaze Koneski, read by the actor Igor Trpcheski, in the name of the Society of Writers, where people were paying special attention to each other.

We want to use this opportunity to thank our partner for participating in this humanitarian event, and we wish long lasting retirement filled with health and serenity.

We also want to congratulate the jubilee birthday to the employees of “Comfy Angel”.